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"SkyQ™ Link NEW!"
SkyQ™ Link NEW!

Get WiFi Access to the Universe with SkyQ Link!

Celestron's innovative new SkyQ Link WiFi Module turns your iPhone or iPad into your own personal planetarium and observatory! With SkyQ Link, your mobile device becomes a wireless hand controller for your telescope, guiding you through the alignment process and slewing to any celestial object with a simple tap. As SkyQ Link slews your telescope to an object, you can listen to hundreds of included audio descriptions on your device, which outline the history and key features of that object.

Activate the Sky Tour feature and SkyQ will display a list of the best objects to view with your Celestron telescope based on your exact time and location. No need to input GPS coordinates or set the time and date–SkyQ Link does it all!

SkyQ Link makes a great gift for telescope users of all ages and skill levels, from kids to advanced users. This simple, intuitive module plugs directly into your telescope’s auxiliary port and doesn’t require batteries. Take your family on a guided tour of the universe with SkyQ Link!

SkyQ Link was tested to work on the following mounts:
•CGE Pro
•SE 6/8
•SE 4/5
•SkyProdigy (no automatic alignment)
•Advanced VX

SkyQ Link also works with NexRemote, but requires the latest version of the NexRemote software and the SkyQLink PC Installer.

•Align and control your telescope wirelessly using your iPhone or iPad
•Planetarium interface - Tap on any object displayed on the SkyQ Sky view screen and instantly slew your telescope to that object
•Sky Tour—Generates a list of all the best stars, galaxies and nebulas to view through your telescope based on your exact time and location
•Does not require batteries or external power

2 year warranty


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